What are sections?

Sections are groups containing elements that span the full width of a page, such as a header, hero section, pricing or footer section to name a few. They include elements such as text, buttons, images and icons and are grouped together in a group that works responsively.

What are layouts?

Think of layouts as a collection of sections. So in essence, a fully designed page. All you need to do is brand your elements, change the text and images and viola, you have yourself a 100% responsive page.

Are your sections and layouts responsive?

Yes, Frames really shines in this department. The designs will be responsive from a 320px mobile page, all the way up to large monitors. Frames was created using the Buildcamp grid system which has been extremely popular in the Bubble community.

Can I build my entire application with Frames?

No, Frames is a responsive design system and does not include logic, workflows or database structure.

Can I use Frames within my existing project?

Yes you can, however, the designs are created to work on a 960px width canvas. You will need to create new pages within your existing app that conform to this page size.
Frames only works on a 960px page width. This system has been meticulously design by the Frames team to provide pixel perfect responsive designs with pre-determined break points.

Can I hire you to design my pages?

No need, as this is the point of Frames. Save on developer costs by using this system instead 😎.

Can I use Frames to build client projects?

Totally. This is where Frames shines. 🙌

Can I repurpose and sell Frames layouts on the Bubble template store?

No. This is against our terms of service that you agreed to on signup.

Do you have any starter templates?

This will be available soon.

Who creates the designs within Frames?

The design elements are created by James More of Buildcamp.
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